Ask yourself these questions...

1. When you turn on a light in your home, do all of your lights come on? When you turn on a faucet in your kitchen do the faucets in the bathrooms start to run water? Of course they don't. So why do we waste energy and comfort on conditioning areas that are unoccupied?

2. Do you sleep at a different temperature than is maintained in the bedroom during the day?

3. Are certain areas such as rooms upstairs, west facing or northfacing rooms uncomfortable?

  • Improve comfort in every room
  • Maintain different temperatures in every room
  • Maintain the same temperature in all rooms
  • Save energy in rooms that are not in use
  • HVAC systems work less, last longer
  • Fewer HVAC systems mean less maintenance
  • More Thermostats mean more points of control
  • Special comfort requirements for special rooms like Formal Dining, Home Office, Home Theater

Let's Clear the Air!