We Guarantee that your installation will be in the Top 10% of all systems installed. We back that up with a 5 year Workmanship Guarantee on any Complete Trane Comfort System Installation. If for any reason you find a problem with our workmanship or materials that we have installed within in 5 Years from the date of invoice, we will fix it at no cost to you!

That's our Promise to you!

All Installations are NOT created equal!

Without the right installation, you could waste .50 cents of every energy dollar and be uncomfortable as well!

Efficiency Experts, Inc. understands the value of a proper installation. We perform a 20 Pt. check list upon completion of our installation to insure that everything has been installed, sealed and charged properly. All of our installations are performed in compliance with the National Energy Code, State & Municipal Codes, No matter where you live.

  • North Carolina Alternative
    Energy Corp.

This non-profit organization examined air conditioning manufacturers' efficiencies versus the actual efficiencies that resulted after installation.

Their findings were as follows:

- 90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy wasting problem
- 50% had an improper refrigerant charge
- 40% failed to meet minimum air-flow criterion
- 20% were barely inside the range specified by manufacturers
- A deficiency of 20% in airflow reduces the SEER rating by 17%
- A 15% return air leak from 120 degree attic could reduce a 12

  • Texas A&M University

Found a 23% refrigerant undercharge could result in a 52% efficiency loss

  • Lakeland Electric & Water

Researchers found that by repairing leaking duct-work, cooling energy consumed was reduced by an average of 17.4%

  • HVAC Manufactures Data

Shows that a condensing unit with a SEER of 13 matched with an old Air-handler or Evaporator coil would decrease the SEER to 9.2, resulting in 30% less efficiency.